Bruno Weiblen Bruno Weiblen Commercial Director / Sales VP Grupo A

""If your Institution wants to understand the best location for your next campus, what courses to offer, and the the optimum tuition pricing, Educa is certainly the best partner to help you.""

Débora Guerra Débora Guerra CEO Grupo Alis Educacional

""We always seek to understand the market that we operate in and our students’ satisfaction with our institution. We have worked many years with various partners, but when we found EDUCA INSIGHTS, we realized their work offered us something much more comprehensive and articulate than other companies we’ve previously contracted. Their professionalism was the force behind the entire process which made all the difference. In the end, the outcomes were spectacular.""

Gustavo Hoffman Gustavo Hoffman Pro-Rector Academics Grupo Alis Educacional

""Educa Insights brought to our institution an innovative methodology that brings to our business essential intelligence for good decision-making. From the research conducted, we could better allocate our resources according to what was most important for our students. Thus, we could create more value for the institution with less investment. In addition, we corrected significant distortions in the pricing of some of our courses, for more and less. Finally, we have created a culture in our institution in making evidence-based decisions, critical to our organization. The partnership with Educa Insights put us undoubtedly in a new level of management. I recommend them.""

Paulo Amaral Paulo Amaral Research Manager Grupo Estácio

""Educa Insights presented an accurate and customized solution, expanding our understanding of the education market. Our goals with the project have been achieved with all the necessary support from Educa. Our partnership with Educa enabled us to make the best choices for our institution.""