Price Elasticity Models (Conjoint Analysis)

From simple to sophisticated methods, these tools will help you make accurate strategic pricing decisions.

Find Out:
  • What is my ideal pricing strategy?

  • Who are my main competitors?

  • From which competitors can I gain a competitive edge as I move my price down? (price elasticity)

  • Is my brand protected against price movement from competition?

How does it work?
F2F interviews

(on streets, central location)

Conjoint Analysis

(CBC - Choice-based models)

Who are the targets?
Prospective Students

Our focused and innovative positioning is the result of combining extensive knowledge of business with unique research methods in the education market, ensuring ample power to customize our product offerings.

This allows us to deliver accurate diagnoses for each stage of your institution management cycle :


Before enrollment

We help to map and expand your brand and institution.

  • Quali Insights

    Better Understand Your Markets

  • Echo Insights

    Brand Resonance Evaluation

  • Optimum Insights

    Portfolio Optimization


Before enrollment

We offer solutions to boost your enrollment.

  • Branding insights

    Positioning & Brand Equity

  • Pricing Insights

    Price Elasticity Models (Conjoint Analysis)

  • Product Insights

    Best Product Definition (Conjoint Analysis)


During the program

We develop research to better undestand your students.

  • Branding Insights

    Positioning & Brand Equity

  • Satisfaction Insights

    Satisfaction Evaluation

  • Decision Insights

    Student Decision Drivers

Build Loyalty

After the program

We help to understand what happens after graduation.

  • Satisfaction Insights

    Satisfaction Evaluation

  • Alumni Insights

    Mapping of Former Students

  • Attrition Insights

    Understanding Factors that Lead to Evasion